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© 2010 Cherri Vini
Agrivitivinicola S. Francesco
Via Roma 40, 63030 Acquaviva Picena
Tel. +39 0735 764416, Fax +39 0735 769210
P.iva 01698370440
by: Agrivitivinicola Cherri Vini Produzione propria

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Events and tastings

TOUR DI VINO Tour Di Vino is an amazing way to dis ...
Grappe Doc Cherri

Grappas are fragrant grape pomace based brandies. Cherriā€™s Grappas are made from selected Pecorino, Passerina and Montepulciano grapes. The master distiller processes pomace in the shortest time possible through the bain marie discontinuous distillation method. The unmistakable aroma let our grappas remind you of the vines from which they are originated. Meditation cigar. Dark chocolate. Flavoured chocolate.