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© 2010 Cherri Vini
Agrivitivinicola S. Francesco
Via Roma 40, 63030 Acquaviva Picena
Tel. +39 0735 764416, Fax +39 0735 769210
P.iva 01698370440
by: Agrivitivinicola Cherri Vini Produzione propria

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Cherri Winery

Cherri d’Acquaviva wineyard is located in Acquaviva Picena (AP), in the south of Marche region, at 359 metres above sea level. Our vines grow in a DOCG area, that denotes controlled production methods and guaranteed wine quality.

Our story began in the 1930s, in a wineyard located within the medieval walls of Acquaviva Picena. The owner Emidio Angellotti, was primarely a wine wholesaler. At that time the wine was usually made to respond to family and local needs, but Emidio already produced and carried a large amount of wine to all over the country satisfing the requests of a wide range of customers.

In the first half of the twentieth century, Cherri’s family was specialised in manufacturing copper. When the Italian regulation forbade the use of copper for making cooking recipient, Cherri’s family started a transport company. They also used to truck Emidio’s wine. And so the wine, leitmotiv of our story, let the two families come across each other. In the 1960s Leta Angellotti married Pasquale Cherri. Under the charismatic leadership of Pasquale Cherri started Cherri d’Acquaviva Winery, also known as San Francesco Winery. Pasquale extended the area planted with vines and refined the grape processing equipment. He also started the retail marketing and the wine bottling. The vineyard was moved outside the town wall. In fact the Cherri family production followed the natural economical flow,  that naturally moved toward outside, but maintaining at the same time its local roots.

In the second half of the twentieth century, thanks to the gradual default of the sharecropping system, wine became from a simple nourishment to a status symbol. The Cherri family paied more and more attention to the vine selection and vine growing and on to wine processing method.

The new millennium brought a new stage of Cherri vineyard story. In fact in 2003 began the construction of a new wine cellar, finished in September 2004. The design of the new cellar respects the environmental, architectonical and artistic peculiarities of the area. The cellar is surrounded by our vines, in the waves of rolling green hills below the town wall. Your gaze gets lost in the spectacular sight setting himself free toward the see on the east side or standing out against the Appennines to the south-west. The wine cellar equipment is designed to preserve the genuine properties of the grape and to carefully overview the wine production cycle.

Nowadays Mr. Paolo Cherri manages the vineyard with the some passion and expertise of his predecessors. The expert oenologist Mr. Franco Bernabei collaborates with us to keep intact in our wines the typical flavour of our specific area. Mr Paolo thanks to his high quality wines keeps up not only the good name of his family but also the renown of his hometown, Acquaviva Picena, in which almost a century ago began the story of Cherri d’Acquaviva winery. 

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